With Blockchain authenticity and commercialisation management tools.
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Our team can assist with intellectual property research, analysis, lodgement and assessment of new and existing ideas.
Search and Registration
Commercialisation experience with license agreements, assessment, reviews of structure and identification build the business of tomorrow.
Commercialisation and Management

Intellectual Insights

Having the right tools for identification, assessment and monitoring of intellectual is part of the job. Having the right professional team with experience and expertise creates an outstanding job for our clients.

Dedicated Support

Creating intellectual property is not a set and forget strategy. It needs to be treated as a valuable asset of the business, can be enhanced and also its is an asset that can easily be taken away from you and stolen. Having the right monitoring tools and support is what our team provides..

Competitive Advantage

Obtaining competitive advantage and maintaining the advantage can help you succeed in the medium and long-term. It enables the establishment of a future range of products and solutions that are complementary and beneficial to the company.

Professional SEO services

Our Expertise Your Advantage

Our team’s combined experience and expertise in the areas of intellectual property of trademarks with our accounting, marketing, sales, operations, corporate governance, information technology within the international environment allows us to support our clients.

Connect with commercially focused IP strategists

Save time and money

Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team

Solutions For Brands

Myknowledgemark solution can assist your organisation with a one-off matter or an ongoing range of matters to assist your business to identify intellectual property opportunities, maintain your existing portfolio, acquire or dispose of intellectual property or possibly enhance the portfolio to gain a future competitive advantage in your industry.

Maximise your opportunities of registration success with a comprehensive search strategy.

Our solutions and approach can help your business stand out from the crowd. Make your brands, products and services stand out and deliver results greater than your competition.

Having the right structure to protect, manage and operate your intellectual property is key to your success and operations.

Competition in your industry is now global, not just local. Our experience and expertise from marketing, sales, operations, accounting and governance assist your business stand out and compete in the now digital economy.

From the ongoing monitoring, usage, and location of using your trademark becomes critical to staying at the front of your field.

Want to keep building value to your business? Protect your intangible assets and continue with the growth and focus of intellectual property portfolio.