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Our team’s combined experience and expertise in the areas of intellectual property of trademarks and patents combined with our accounting, marketing, sales, operations, corporate governance, information technology within the international environment allows us to support our clients.

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Myknowledgemark solution can assist your organisation with a one-off matter or an ongoing range of matters to assist your business to identify intellectual property opportunities, maintain your existing portfolio, acquire or dispose of intellectual property or possibly enhance the portfolio to gain a future competitive advantage in your industry.

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Our work is best explained by the benefits of our clients and what it has done for their business.

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What a plus to my business, never thought it would play such an important part and increase the value of my business

Small Business Owner

Never understood the true value of intellectual property until the Monevation explained, detailed and illustrated the advantage. My hidden key advantage team.


Thank you Team Monevation. Nobody explains the details and care about IP like this team They treat and manage my IP Assets as I want.


We Deliver The IP Wisdom For Business Success

Our Works

Looking for a firm to assist you with your IP requirements is a difficult task. Our approach is to provide you with works that we have undertaken so that you are able to compare your business circumstances.

Business Value

Businesses today have challenges capturing innovation and even more of an uphill battle with intangible asset valuation and management. These non-tangible assets are over 80% of the average business’ value. When it comes to startups, the number is even higher. That value is the number you are using to raise money, sell your business, or attract financing.

80% IP Value Of Business

Our Works

Most people are unaware that registration of a business name, company name or domain name is not enough to give you exclusive IP rights to that name.  In fact, if chosen poorly, these names could infringe someone else’s rights to that name – for example, someone else’s trade mark.  Conversely, registering a business name does not stop someone else from trade marking that name and then enforcing their IP rights against you.

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