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Consideration of your long term plans needs to consider your goals and objective for your brands and IP within international markets.

Our team can provide you with the insights and intelligence for search, registration and management for expansion within international markets. As this process takes time and also is strategic in the announcement time, it is important that a strategy is undertaken to ensure full confidentiality and process is undertaken.

International registration requires not only local input but also global knowledge on how the strategy and approaches for search and registration is to be undertaken. From establishing entities, gaining the correct names and avoiding international infrongements can become a costly and distracting minefield.

Our team has the resources and skills that are able to compliment and enhance your business onjectives goals and resources. From an experienced that has operated in the global market for over 20 years, we are able to pass on our insights and become a valuable resource for your company to leverage.

Is your business growing successfully in Australia, are you wanting to now expand? Maybe you will be infringing on others brands and trademarks in other international jurisdictions. Our team can help you manage your strategy for international registration and advise on marketing, business and operational approaches.


international applications in 2018 filed by Asian countries


computer hardware and software most lodged class since 1985


international applications lodged for services


countries holder's own 90% of all international registrations


filed in English


value of business made up of intellectual property

Source: www.wipo.int

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