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Marketplace Monitoring

Proactively monitor your brands for counterfeit, trademark and IP infringements in marketplaces. Proactively monitoring your brands identifies early negative sentiment and perception towards your brands and helps identify consumer reaction within marketplaces.

We take a comprehensive approach to monitoring brands across marketplace portals. From the tracing and matching of brands to marketplaces for your brands that are being sold and commented. This is to ensure correct sales are being reflected, sales agreements and brand use is being adhered.

We offer a wide range of services that include monitoring of key ecommerce sites to ensure your terms of agreement for sale and resale and being addressed. From use of the brand through to representations made about the brand, your continued monitoring is a key taks in maintaining your trust and reputation.

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Continual Monitoring

Dynamic monitoring is important to track how your IP and Brands are performing, from website and domain traffic through to activity on social media. All information is critical for the overall business intelligence.

Where is your brand and IP being used

Understanding what is happening with your brand online can greatly assist your sales and marketing efforts including the design, sales and also creating of distribution opportunities.

Effective Web Development Solutions

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