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Trademark Monitoring

Keeping track of trademarks that are similar or deceptively similar or identical to your trademarks and brands require to keep a close monitoring of the trademark register. As timelines are strictly adhered it is important that you act promptly to protect your assets.

Our trademark monitoring solution provides an insightful and intelligent report of possible ongoing similarities of your brands that are potentially being registered. Without taking appropriate action against possible infringements or undertaking oppositions, potential exists to dilute and confuse your brands. This requires a proactive approach and observation.

The trademark /brand registered must be used as registered. We undertake reviews and monitoring for correct usage, including logos and services to ensure that the defence and obligations of ownership of your brands is secure and valuable.

Monitoring trademarks can also assist companies with competitor analysis including future trends, activities and commercialisation. Our team recognises the importance of data intelligence and conversion of the information into knowledge.


Intellectual property has no limits on value


Intellectual property can be leveraged in many different ways.


Intellectual property reduces operational risks


Intellectual property boosts your sales and marketing

We provide a bespoke analysis of your intellectual property strategy tailored to meet business needs. Don’t miss out on a huge business opportunity – with leveraging of Intellectual Property

First To File

There are over 20 thousand trademarks registered every day, so the chance that somebody will think of a similar name is quite high. It is important to protect your intellectual property at least in the most important countries as early as possible.


A company that does not protect its investments (brand building, innovations) is hard to take seriously. Not protecting intellectual property also put partners (resellers, distributors, etc.) in a difficult position. For example, a reseller might not be a very motivated partner if infringing products are being sold for knock-off prices and there is nothing that can be done to prevent that.


The ® symbol informs the public that the brand owner believes in the product and does not want competitors to ride on its reputation. “Patent pending” statements in marketing give a message about the product’s innovativeness.

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