Monster Power Loses Trademark Opposition As UK IPO Mentions That The Letter ‘M’ Is not Distinctive

Monster Power Loses Trademark Opposition As UK IPO Mentions That The Letter ‘M’ Is not Distinctive

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Monster Power: is there no trademark opposition they can not drop? The drink firm, which could be a lot more nicely recognized at this point for its trademark bullying than its beverages, has been handed loss right after loss right after loss right after loss in trademark oppositions to anything from industrial paint producers to the NBA and on to other beverage firms. Why the firm spends so substantially time opposing trademarks is actually anyone’s guess, but the losses all quantity to the full lack of possible confusion in the disputed trademark applications, as nicely as Monster Power believing it can handle words and pictures that it most absolutely can not.

The most current of these, in however a further opposition Monster Power lost, has the UK’s IPO explaining to Monster Power that it can not avert other firms from employing the letter “M” prominently in their logos.

In a choice on Wednesday, March six, the UK IP Workplace ruled that Monster Power could not quit Robert Marchington from registering a trademark, locating there was no likelihood of confusion.

In its opposition, Monster relied on its earlier registered marks (EU numbers 2439068 3227041 12924973 and 14226765) which depict animal or monster scratch marks that develop the letter ‘M’. The mark was for a pair of legs which took the shape of the letter ‘M’ and seemed to be taking a step forward.

In its choice the IPO stated Marchington’s applied-for mark and Monster’s trademarks have been visually comparable only to a low degree. It stated that the presence of the letter ‘M’ in each parties’ marks “does not convey any unique meaning”.

The reality that Monster Power required to be told as substantially serves as a superb barometer for how ridiculous Monster Power trademark oppositions frequently are. Once again, when it comes to trademark law, the complete point is to avert public confusion as to the supply of goods. Monster Energy’s logo is certainly distinctive, as it tends to make the letter “M” out of claw marks. This does not somehow grant exclusivity to the letter “M” to Monster Power, even so. Legs and clawmarks, in other words, are unique.

As are the markets of soft drinks and alcohol, according to the IPO.

“Whilst soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are comparable in nature in that they are each liquids for consumption, customers will take into account them to be unique categories of goods,” the IPO stated.

On top of that, it stated that “syrups and preparations”, covered by Machington’s mark, can not be regarded a finish drink solution, and as a result will not be in competitors with Monster’s beverages.

I continue to be baffled as to how paying all of these billable hours, or the salaries and advantages for the in-home legal group, just to manage the load of trademark oppositions that routinely finish up as losses, tends to make any monetary sense.

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