Remove a Trademark Infringement From Google

Remove a Trademark Infringement From Google

Trademarks and brand names are not always protected by the strict laws that copyright holders enjoy.

If a copyright holder sees his/her work reproduced without permission then getting it removed from the search results of either Bing or market leader Google is quite easy.

Trademarks are an entirely different kettle of fish.

It can take a long time and potentially millions of pounds/dollars to build a brand name and trademark it. Competitors who abuse trademarks in order to get visitors from either core search results or through adverts are costing businesses a small fortune.

Search Results

Most if not all web search engines have a simple policy when it comes to removing trademark infringements from the unsponsored results pages:

Contact the site owner and get the trademark removed from the original site. The search results will then automatically update after a while

Here is a quote from an official Google policy document:

Google’s trademark policy does not apply to search results.


I know that doesn’t exactly help folks who have seen there trademark misused but there are a few options:

  1. Contact the site owner and threaten to have their site removed from all the search engines, it’s a bluff but chances are the site owner is not familiar with Google’s or Bing’s policies.

Trademarks in Paid Adverts

Paid adverts are treated differently core search results, if you see your trademark being misused in a paid advert on Google then you can ask them to remove it.

For those of you who are unfamilair with Google’s search results page, please refer to this image:

Again, it’s worth repeating the advice I have offered on many other pages within this site; try and contact the individual advertiser first. They may not be aware that they have done anything wrong and they may have other adverts running, either with Google or with Bing or other platforms.

Report trademarks in Google sponsored links (adverts) by filling in this form

Report trademarks in Bing sponsored links (adverts) by filling in this form

Sorry if this page doesn’t help those wanting to remove trademarks from the core search results, but based on my knowledge you really need to get this issue solved at the source, that may involve contacting the site owner or taking legal advice.

There are many pages on this site that cover other types of removals so please explore the links found to the right of this page.

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