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When considering your IP firm, take into account if they also consider the marketing, sales, governance, research, valuation and commercialisation approaches. Consideration of the legal and having it done right is a must for business. Myknowledgemark undertakes all the parts and requirements if required by our clients. With our purpose-built tools, our years of experience, expertise and desire to be a successful partner in your business makes our offer the right one for your business.

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From the beginning when we design and consider the engagement we use our Art of Start® process to ensure that we covered what you need to make your idea a success. Ensuring the initial process is undertaken correctly provides us with the grounding and support for when you want to launch a new service, help raise extra capital, maybe sell your business or acquire a new business. Our approach is to look at being the successful supporter of your business.

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Infringements and Monitoring

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