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Learn how Blockchain can assist with the build up of brand equity, and help generate advocacy all while building your online reputation.

Our blockchain initiative for companies helps provide the authenticity, transparency and coverage required to extend the opportunities with intellectual property. Our solution assists with the transaction monitoring and requirements for continual and consistent usage of brands and trademarks, the tokenisation of intellectual property and the ability to create traceability of your intellectual property.

Our blockchain solution provides the solution to the ongoing monitoring and the creation of liquidity and valuation of trademarks. Through the tokenisation of intellectual property assets, founders, owners and investors can easily monitor, invest, trade, exchange and track the asset. Allowing greater transaparency and authenticity of the solution, provides greater confidence, trust and reputation for the IP owners.

Through the development of the blockchain solution we are able to create the transparency and value of IP once undertaken manually with a significant amount of resources to maintain. Our solution is easily managed, transparent and reduces time and cost for valuation of the IP.

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It also promises a cost-effective way to speed up such processes. Potential use cases include: evidence of creatorship and provenance authentication, registering and clearing IP rights; controlling and tracking the distribution of (un)registered IP; providing evidence of genuine and/or first use in trade and/or commerce; digital rights management (e.g., online music sites); establishing and enforcing IP agreements, licenses or exclusive distribution networks through smart contracts; and transmitting payments in real-time to IP owners. Blockchain may be also used for authentication and provenance purposes in the detection and/or retrieval of counterfeit, stolen and parallel-imported goods.

Our operational blockchain solution for trademarks is operational and functional providing the many benefits of the blockchain network.

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