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With an experienced social media team combined with the resources from our IP and Branding team, we are able to construct a customised search and reporting of your brands across the social media spectrum. From names, hashtags and pages we are able to monitor the where, when and how of your brand.

Social media has become a critical communication medium for business and brands to manage. Creation of trust, reputation through to management of the brand across social media is a role that plays a significant impact on sales, product development and overall growth of the business. We pride ourselves as a team of experienced professionals working together. Our goal is to provide the intelligence and insights for brand protection but to genuinely deliver the best possible experience for your business.

Our social media threat intelligence and monitoring of your brands across social media can be offered as a solution complimenting your existing resources or become an aligned service function across your business. Our experienced team with the technological resources is able to provide you not only with the information but also provide the intelligence and solutions to maintain and enhance the value of your business.

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Are you monitoring your brands for counterfeiting across the web?


Do you understand where and what are handles associated with your brands?


Do you know how many times your brand is mentioned and by whom on social media? Maybe by competitors?


Are you familiar with all the new and existing social media portals being established and the ongoing changes?


Do you know whom, where and when your brand is mentioned and in what context?


Do you have a social medi apolicy for boards, management and staff of how comments are to be made?

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Mentions - Good or Bad?

We provide a rigorous ongoing monitoring of social media channels tracking the mentions of brands. Understanding whether good or bad is only part of the issue. The context and overall story of how your brand is being perceived by readers is important to the proactive business undertakes.


We use complex content gathering tools that allow tracking of brand names and the context that the brand name is being used, from positive to negative comments through to competitor comparisons the information becomes intelligence for your business to be able to respond for positive results.

Effective Web Development Solutions

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