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Managing your brands in the open online world is a difficult task. With the right tools and resources, we provide the input and insight.

Domain names increase visibility of your business and brands by driving your website to the top of local listings. It can also attract competitors and others to leverage your brand names through registration and establishing websites that can distract from your brand, reduce sales and create confusion in the market.

Once you could register your domain name and clients easily recognised your business from the domain name not worrying about the domain name extension. With close on 800 domain name extensions available it is now easier for competitors, fraudulent hackers to deceive not only boards, management and staff but also your customers, suppliers, financial institutions and many other every day parties. With this lack of confidence also comes damage to reputation. 

With this lack of confidence also comes damage to reputation. Let our team explore efficient ways to reduce the level of potential fraud.

We put great effort to monitoring the domain name environment and social media platforms for brand domains and mentions of domain names.


billion websites


billion internet users


google process search queries per day


internet traffic from automated hackers, scrapers, spammers, bots

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Our team is able to provide a tracking service for all new domain extensions, in addition to monitoring domain name activity around existing brand and trademark names. With registration of domain names on a first come first served it is important that you have a solution to monitor the registers on a consistent basis.

Maintaining registration of domain names, managing SSL and renewals is just as important as the ongoing management and acquistion. We provide solutions to enable continued operation of your domain name and protect the ongoing money spent in development of websites, emails and SSL.

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